Setting up your first neon sign customiser

Welcome to  Neon Sign Customiser! We are glad to have you onboard.

Using our app gives you the power to have the world's most advanced sign customiser on your Shopify store. What you are setting up is an advanced custom product builder specifically tailored to the sign industry. As such our app provides many options and configurations both for an admin and for the customer. Some of the terminologies and systems we use throughout the app will most likely require further research so be advised that this is not an app that can go live in a day ( although not impossible if you are already familiar with the neon sign industry ).

To ensure you have success with our product it's important to dedicate the time necessary to understand how our app works, please read through these instructions and ensure you attend to each item in the order that they appear. 

1. Choosing your sizing and pricing model

One of the most important tasks that should be done first is to decide which sizing and pricing model you would like to have set up in your store. Although our two demos may look the same on initial impression, the way that they calculate the pricing and sizing is completely different and as such both have two unique approaches to how you would work with your suppliers. 

If you can't decide which one to use we recommend the simple model when initially using our app as the admin has been designed to make the process of setting up the sizing and pricing as simple as possible. You can always move the advanced model once you have had our app running for some time.

Our advanced model provides the best customer experience due to its flexibility and accuracy, that flexibility and accuracy require a more complex setup, we recommend the advanced model for any business that builds custom signs or has experience in the sign industry.

Dealing with Suppliers ( Important to note for drop shippers )

One of the greatest challenges you might face when setting up this type of custom product is finding a supplier who can provide you with the correct information. We have been working on establishing a list of selected suppliers who understand how our app works and can provide you with the necessary information so you can get started with our app as soon as possible. For now, please ask us for the list of supplier contact details.

We have seen first-hand how some suppliers are unwilling to provide the correct information necessary to ensure accurate pricing, it is advised to simply move on and find another supplier if they are unwilling to provide you with the essential information. Our app sets a new precedence by making selling custom signage as simple as possible, the rest of the industry is still playing catchup in this regard. 

Part of this unwillingness for suppliers to provide the correct information is due that this task can be laborious for suppliers to perform and the other part is due to suppliers originally working with businesses in an environment that favoured quoting every individual sign design, our app flips this process on its head as one of our app's main benefits is to eliminate this time-consuming process of quoting by ensuring your pricing is always accurate no matter what combination of letters/fonts and sign size is chosen. 

Located throughout this documentation we have created articles that detail an extensive set of instructions on what to ask from your supplier to help you extract the most vital information necessary to set up accurate pricing for your custom sign products. 

3.  Creating your first customiser.

Now that you have an overarching view of what to expect moving forward it's time to deep dive into our instructional manual for setting up a sign customiser according to your chosen pricing and sizing model. Click on the link below based on your chosen pricing and sizing model. 

4. Understand how order fulfillment works

Now that you have built your sign customiser and installed it on your theme, it's time to understand how fulfilment works with our app and you can be set up for success from the get-go. Please read this article to find out more.

5. Hide the custom sign products from showing up to your customers

Everytime a customer adds a custom sign product to their cart, a new product is generated on your store. To hide these products from showing up to other customers please follow the instructions.

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